Are your renters ‘pivoting?’

A beautiful sunset isn’t enough if the accommodations you offer are not up to snuff!

This past Sunday the “Travel Tips” column in the New York Times gave two examples of rentals that looked great online, then turned out to be bad news. One had peeling wallpaper and dead bugs in the light fixtures; the other had a hole in the wall that went right through to the street. The point of the “Tips” column was to tell renters what to do when they arrived to these kinds of unacceptable conditions.

Most hosts know peeling wallpaper and holes in the walls are not going to cut it with renters, but have you looked at your light fixtures lately? It’s that kind of attention to detail that gets you five-star ratings instead of three. Dealing with complaints is never fun, so why not start by minimizing any chances of complaints by being really picky about the condition of your rental? Some things are beyond your control, and some guests are very difficult to please, but if you do your due diligence you won’t have guests trying to get their money back or moving to another place — and you will get good reviews.

Host for the Most offers many long lists of to-dos and not-to-dos. Boring to read, but really useful when it comes to using them as checklists for success!

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