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Toto surveys his kingdom in Mexico

This guy traveled to Mexico from Buffalo for 12 years. He hated flying (don’t we all), but he loved being in Mexico and he was the source of a number of funny stories … his face-offs with feral cats, snakes, and iguanas never failed to give us something to “dine out” on over the years. Toto is just one of the reasons Host for the Most is a good read.

When I started writing this book there weren’t any other books listed on Amazon or Barnes and Noble that covered how to be a home-share rental host, from A to Z. Now there are. But how many have entertaining stories about cats, guests who are nudists, or exploding stoves? If you want to learn a lot and be entertained at the same time, Host for the Most is your kind of read!

Sadly, at the age of 19, Toto went to cat heaven last spring, where I’m sure he’s chasing iguanas into swimming pools and chomping small snakes in half. We miss him dearly. He would have loved our new condo!

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