Best laid plans …

This Old House …(built in 1910) was originally a one-family, but since 1969 it has had three apartments. My husband and I live on the first floor and rent the two uppers long-term, although we’ve considered putting the third floor on Airbnb.

You know the saying, we make plans and God laughs? Well, here’s a story that proves in addition to Plan A (the one you made that God — or the universe, dumb luck or whatever — laughed at and screwed up), you must always, always have a Plan B.

When one set of renters moved out of the second floor of “This Old House” at the beginning of July we decided to completely renovate the bathroom and do a few fix-ups to the kitchen. We hired contractors to do the work, but thought my husband and I would be able to paint the bathroom and do the touch-up painting ourselves, and that my cleaning lady and I could handle the cleaning. Easy-peasy!

The same afternoon the contractors finished their work, leaving a pretty awful mess of sawdust and drywall dust (July 26) my husband returned home from a week’s stay in our local hospital, having had a heart attack the week before requiring him to have a Pacemaker installed. It wasn’t until that evening I realized I had exactly six days to get the apartment painted and cleaned before the new renters moved in on the 1st — and my painting, fixer-upper, cleaning partner was completely out of commission!

Now, I’m good, but I’m not God. Six days and nights–not quite enough time for me! And–no back-up plan for painters or additional cleaners to help out. Fortunately I have family living nearby and they all stepped up. It took five solid eight- to nine-hour days during some of Buffalo’s worst dog days of summer to get the place in order (it was a lot more work than I had expected), but we did it. I guess the bonus was that I lost a few pounds!

The moral of this story is: If you rent out a home or any units at all– having Plan B in place is critical. Have workers you can call on at the last minute to fix leaky pipes, clean, change bedding, do laundry, and paint if need be. I like to be the “Host for the Most” for my long-term renters just as much as for my short-term, home-share rental business. Plan B: Have back-up for all the jobs that need to be done … and you’ll be the one laughing instead of the universe!

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