What’s next?

I’m starting to think about furnishing our next home-share rental (a condo close to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico) — and I’m thinking about what guests care about the most — views? Nearby tourist attractions? Great restaurants?

All of the above are important, but most of us choose our properties based on what best suits our lifestyles. After that choice has been made, you don’t have any control at all over the surroundings. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a successful home-share rental.

You can, and should, keep a Renters Book with a list of the important things to see and best restaurants in your area. After that, the rest is up to you and what your target renter is looking for. Quality linens? Enough place settings of dishes and cutlery to easily handle the maximum number of guests advertised? Are you equipping the kitchen so longer-term renters can cook a decent meal, or is it just going to be minimal breakfast food? Check out the check lists in “Host for the Most,” where I’ve listed the basics needed for every scenario.

My decision of the moment is tableware: Fiesta Ware, which is heavy and difficult to ship but wears very well, even with granite counters and tile floors; or maybe the latest in melamine dishes, which not only last forever, but now also look fantastic? Lighter weight, easy to get to Mexico from Buffalo, and plenty of choices of colors and styles. Oh Mexico …

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