Make-up — the equivalent of permanent marker!

A refreshing — and sensible idea!

I am the first to admit I have destroyed countless facecloths removing make-up. Since most of us are not natural beauties, we indulge in mascara, eyeliner and even foundation that stains facecloths and refuses to come out in the wash. My solution for this was to provide disposable make-up removal wipes, but this didn’t always work. Some people don’t like to use them, sometimes they run out and don’t get replaced by cleaning staff, and they can be expensive.

Recently I stayed at a hotel that provided these beauties for make-up removal — and I’ve since seen them in stores actually embroidered with the word, “make-up.” No more white facecloths with permanent black smudges. Perfect solution to a minor, but irritating home-share rental problem!

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