The bare minimum will have you seeing stars

Okay — so this is a little over the top!

I admit it — my kids are a little spoiled when it comes to home-share rentals. Their mother wrote the book on it, after all. Last week they arrived at a beautiful home on the outer banks — and guess what? No dish soap, no body wash or bar soap, no hand soap. They had been driving 14 hours so the first thing they wanted to do was take showers. The last thing was to go shopping. At least not until after the showers.

If you can provide guests (particularly those who travel by air) with just the basics: body wash, hand soap, toilet paper, dish soap — they will appreciate it. When you’re only staying in a place for a week, you don’t want to spend money on a bottle of body wash or dishwashing liquid that’s going to be there for upcoming guests to use for the next month.

If it’s not possible for you to provide those basics, (And sometimes if you are depending on housecleaners or house managers to replenish the stock, it’s not an option.) let your guests know before they arrive so they can plan accordingly — and you’ll be seeing five stars on your reviews instead of four!

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