Stranded in the bathroom?

Recently, two friends of mine rented a condo in Florida for a quick four-day girlfriend’s getaway. From the beginning, encounters with the homeowner were a bit on the World-of-the-Weird side. First, the woman who owned the house didn’t have a place to put their suitcases until the unit was cleaned and told them to come back at 3, the official check-in time. When they arrived, she was just arriving, linens in hand. Her cleaner stiffed her — which was fine but — the woman’s boyfriend hung out chatting with my friends while she cleaned. Later in the evening she showed up with a bottle of wine “to make up for the inconvenience of the late check-in,” then, without being invited, proceeded to stay and drink said bottle of wine with my friends.

On their final day, the homeowner asked if it would be okay if she and her BF brought a new chest of drawers in for the bedroom. That was fine except the pair arrived just as my friend had gotten in the shower in preparation for leaving to catch her plane home. Beth was stuck in the bathroom with nothing to wear but a towel while the homeowner and BF brought in the new drawers, took out the old drawers, moved the new ones around deciding where to leave them … you get the picture? You can be assured that if your guest ends up literally mad as a wet hen, your review is not going to be good.

If you are renting out a room, home or condo, best practices call for you to follow your guests’ lead as to how much contact you have with them. For the time they have rented your property — treat it as their property. Don’t impinge on their privacy or hospitality unless you are specifically invited — and don’t overstay your welcome! Check out Host for the Most for more info on keeping guests happy and not stepping on their toes.

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