You’re on ‘candid’ camera?

Spy cams come in many forms. Not all of them are as obviously a camera as this one — some could be used in a James Bond movie, they are that unobtrusive.

Spy cams definitely have their usefulness. For awhile we were having security issues at the house we owned in Mexico, so we set up a “trail cam.” We got a beautiful photo of the back of one sneaky person once — then they found the camera (which was concealed in a palm tree) and took the batteries out of it. End of that experiment!

But spying on your guests? That’s just not kosher. Renters pay a fair price to have privacy in the unit, just as they would in a hotel room. I cover all of this in Host for the Most, but basically: don’t have things in the house that are so valuable people will be tempted to take them, and get a security deposit in case of damages. If you can’t live with some level of risk — this is not the business for you.

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