Spy cams? Really?

Currently, there’s a controversy over the placement of security cameras in home-share rental units. Renters who find these are typically not at all happy they are being watched, and I think we all understand that. Although you, as an owner, may not walk around your house or a place you’re staying in the buff, you have no idea whether your guests might be so inclined.

Yet, every so often there’s a horror story about the way renters have treated a unit. Recently, a house manager in my home town had an experience where the renters trashed an apartment that had just been refurbished. They made holes in the walls, broke lamps, and spilled wine on new rugs.

What is the answer to this issue? I know where I stand on it, and I discuss it in “Host for the Most,” but I’d be happy to hear from you. Any comments?

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