As a last resort, read the directions!

This is the juicer at the grocery store in Portugal that made me feel and look like I was on a TV game show. Try filling the top of this while the juicer is going … I guarantee you’ll end up chasing oranges all over the store!

My juicer experience proved (once again) that you have to leave clear directions for your guests on how to run EVERYTHING — heaters, dishwasher, washing machines, stoves, coffeemakers, etc, etc, etc! I ran into a woman yesterday who has been staying in a condo in Portugal for two weeks and has yet to figure out how to turn the stove top on. For her, it’s been a great excuse not to cook. For me, it would be very frustrating.

In general, people don’t like to read instructions, but it’s nice if the instructions are there for them when they reach that “last resort” stage!

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