Too much of everything is still too much …

So-what’s the problem? This is the problem:

There is absolutely no cupboard space left for the renters to put their food. If you were to have the party for 24 people, it would have to be catered because there’s no way you could bring in supplies and cook a big meal.

No one is perfect and no one person thinks of everything. I have a friend who designed a beautiful, large kitchen with designated drawers and cupboards for pots and pans, cutlery, utensils, food, linens and coffee supplies (right over where the coffeemaker stands). It is the perfect kitchen to cook and entertain in. Except for one thing–the microwave. She forgot to make a spot for the microwave.

When you are putting together a kitchen for guests who are staying a week or longer, don’t forget they will be bringing food that doesn’t go in the fridge. I’ve made this mistake myself. The first casita we rented was very low on food storage and counter space. We didn’t have a lot of long-term renters, but it still wasn’t functional (even for one-week renters) until we put in more shelves. Your home-share rental is not a dumping spot for all of the “stuff” that’s duplicated in your own home or that you just hate to throw out. Think it through–give the extras to charity and leave your renters some storage space!

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