Nothing like fresh, squeezed orange juice!

Why is the orange juice in a plastic bag?

On the trip from the train station in Faro to Lagos, Portugal, we saw field

after field, after field of trees filled with ripe oranges. Our guess–that there would be gallons of great fresh orange juice in Lagos–was right. What we could never have guessed, was how you get your fresh O.J.

Yesterday we went to one of the larger grocery stores, InterMarche. It reminded me of a Whole Foods. We were going to buy oranges to juice at home, when we spotted the boxes of clean empty liter bottles, and then–the juicing machine–a contraption the size of one of those small, hotel-room refrigerators with a large basket on top. Oranges were supplied in a box beside the juicer.

Cal held one of the bottles close to the spout so the juice wouldn’t spill and turned the machine on, soon to discover that someone else had to feed the basket in order to keep the supply of juice flowing. I only wish I had the video. Cal saying: “More, more!” while I frantically try to throw oranges into the basket and simultaneously grab the ones that miss it and are rolling all over the floor. I felt like I was in a game show … which I was badly losing!

We did manage to fill our jug without losing too many oranges to the floor, and a good soul passing by suggested the bag for the trip home, just in case the bottle top didn’t hold tight. He spoke from experience, and we listened. The juice is absolutely the best I’ve ever had!

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